Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We've been burgled yet again.

This makes the 5th time for me in the 3+ years I've been in Nacogdoches and a 4th time at my current address in 2 years.

This time they got my bicycle, my 5 year old son's bicycle, a small generator, a giant Craftsman rolling tool box full of tools, a Radio Flyer #32 wagon with wood side rails and big pneumatic tires, and a compressor.

I'm more than upset.

Due to some legal and personal hangups with my ex-wife, I have been paying child support for the past 3 years based on what I was making when my salary was more than double what it is now.  In other words, I take home less than $600.00 every two weeks and the state of Texas contends that I owe more at the end of every month.  You read that correctly.  After I pay taxes and pay for the best insurance plan my company offers for the kids, the state takes 65% of my income, the max allowable, and still tells me I owe more.

Ultimately, the blame is mine.  Yes, my old attorney performed so poorly that the State Bar of Texas disciplined her with a reprimand on her record, but I could have; probably should have, studied the issue more so I wouldn't have had to rely on someone else so much. (Divorce Law for Dummies?)

Thankfully, my new attorney got us into mediation and had everything adjusted back down to numbers based in reality, but even that is taking time to make it through the courts and to my employer....

But I digress.

The point I was trying to make is that I don't have the money to replace the stolen items!!!

I will concede that most of the items were little to no cost to me initially, because that is how I obtain things, but the actual real-world replacement cost of the items taken is too much for me to even consider.  My tool box was actually thrown away by a neighbor in Houston who was a tool dealer and got a new one.  $165.59 right now at Sears.  He's also where I got my compressor.  He threw it away so I asked if I could have it.  He said it was broken so I took it home and fixed the shorted wire. $130-$220 online.  My bike, a very nice hybrid, was a gift from a friend. The local bike shop has them for $300-$500 depending on features.  My son's bike was bought for his 5th birthday. $70.00 at Wal-Mart.  The generator was picked up used for $50.00.  It took a couple of hours of cleaning and tinkering, but I got it running nicely.  A new one would run me over $150.00.  The wagon, a gift as well, is $139.00 at Wal-Mart.  Add this to the other bikes, computer rack, and miscellaneous items stolen previously... never mind, it's just sickening to think about.

The police officer who responded last night recommended "A couple thousand dollars in hurricane fencing and a mean ass dog."  Great advice considering I'm broke and we have a 5 year old and rabbits.  I can read the headline now: "Mean ass dog eats 5 year old and has rabbits for dessert then goes on citywide killing spree because his owner couldn't afford a couple thousand dollars in hurricane fencing." (That would be a horribly large run-on headline.)

Off to see if homeowners insurance will cover any of it.

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