Friday, November 16, 2012

I really don't want to talk about it.

Welcome to post-election 2012.

To the surprise of a few evangelicals, God hasn't wiped the US off the face of the earth for re-electing Barack Hussein Obama.  I didn't vote for him, so no, I'm not happy with the outcome of the election.  However, I'm not calling for recounts, threatening to leave the US, or demanding secession.

Here is what I feel about the whole issue:

Shut up.

That's it. I don't want to hear your drama and whining on the issue. You should have campaigned harder for your country starting years ago.

Do you think the US has become an immoral cesspool?  Then you should have raised your kids better, been better examples to your neighbors, and voted for whatever it is you believe in years ago.

Do you think the US has a corrupt business system?  Then you should have lobbied against whatever you have a problem with and led by example in running your business the way you believe.

Do you think the US education system is a joke?  Then you should have joined the PTA, gone to every open school board meeting and / or run for positions on the school board, raised your kids better, and been a better example to your neighbors.

It's our own fault.  Period.  (Apologies if it's not your fault.)

If you want a certain group of politicos gone, vote them out. If you are the only voice, proselytize.  Get out there and convince others you're right and to support your cause.