Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My flag.

I apologize for the time away. I've recently been promoted to a supervisory position at another camp and the new job carries an enormous burden of paperwork. My CSA / Admin was promoted just before I arrived, and her replacement won't be here for another month or more, so the burden falls on my shoulders for a while. My bosses have told me several times that the paperwork is a necessary part of the job. I explained that I see work like pooping. The actual pooping is the good part. It's the functional and productive part of the job. A little paperwork after the work is done, and all is well. However, too much paperwork leaves me irritated.

But I digress from my reason for posting today....

A few months ago the company for which I work decided that we, the American contractors working in Iraq, should stop flying American flags on our vehicles or over our offices and living quarters on base so as not to offend our "host nation" and all of our co-workers from other countries.

This is my answer to their request.

I've GOT to catch up on my Tobago trip posts!

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